Grinding Gear Games Just Keep Making POE Better And Better!

By R4PG (other events)

Tue, Jan 1 2019 2:00 PM Thu, Jan 31 2019 3:00 PM

As you know, us here at have been big Path Of Exile fans for quite some time now. We really think that Grinding Gear Games have created something pretty spectacular here and we just love how action packed POE is. As awesome as it is though, GGG has shown that they are willing to listen to the community and make changes to the game and honestly with the most recent update everything has just come together in one incredible package.

It is like they have really stepped up to make the game as user friendly as possible. This is most evident in the new mini map they have included which was a feature many people wanted and the new tutorials. These tutorials are some of the best we have seen in an MMORPG and will be fantastic for any new players coming into the game or even a player who has drifted away from the game and is now coming back.

The graphical overhaul the game has had since it first entered beta is pretty amazing as well. Of course, Path of Exile was always going to get a bit of a spit shine as development moved along, but I do not think that many of us expected Grinding Gear Games to improve the graphics quite as much as they did. We love the universe they have created in POE and cannot wait to explore more of it.

We honestly feel that Grinding Gear Games are one of the better and more community based developers out there and we would love to hear your guys thoughts on this. Also if you are loving the most recent POE update then check out all of our Path Of Exile Items which are on special offer right now!

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