Warmane Leveling Guide WotLK(1-80)

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Tue, Mar 20 2018 2:00 PM Wed, Sep 19 2018 2:00 PM

Hey guys, have any troubles level 1-80 in Warmane WotLK? Yes, leveling maybe not a question for these old players, but it's really hard to the newbies of Warmane, because they haven't know much about this game, so they need below WotLK leveling guide:
The favorites zones aren't random, there you'll find most class quests, good quests criteria, nice zone design, superb condition to farm herbalist, fishing, mining and skinning skills, there are more players in the party, you'll uncover over 70% of flight pathways, lower ganking and PVP activity e.t.c. Sorry but I'm not acquainted with alliance shamans class quests.

Durotar/Mulgore/Azuremyst Isle(alliance). Leveling from one to ten. Intro zone. Allows you to learn an interface, quest system, party system.

Barrens/Silverpine Forest/Darkshore(Alliance)/Westfall(alliance). Leveling from 10-20. Barrens is an extremely big zone and without a mount is difficult to accomplish quests fast there. Is really a friendly horde territory (hostile faction figures can't attack you should you don't attack them), bear in mind it when you're in Ratchet. Use flight pathways between Orgrimmar, Ratchet, Crossroads, Camp Taurajo to visit fast in one quest point to the other. Also, employ your Ghost Wolf spell with  40% self-speed improvement. I suggest you acquire a mount @lvl20, before you decide to depart horde territory (alliance territory). Necessary for try taking some professions early like mining or better herbalism for shamans and farm within the Barrens. Farm some herbs within the Barrens then sell after that time Ah (AH). Marketing recyclables on AH effectively for any good cost, which will help you learn all spells and acquire good mounts.  

Tip. Complete all of your class quests, starting with Valey of Trials, to obtain new totem spells and also the totem relic. All class quests may happen in friendly zones: Durotar, Barrens, Silverpine Forest. The exception is really a short mission to take wind totem in 1000 Needles. Starting with level 15 you are able to take part in dungeon occasions, just type for this, after sign into the sport (you are able to wait around an hour before a celebration is going to be produced at lower levels :)). Dungeons are extremely great places to farm XP points and good gear. Always sign off at Inn to refresh your rest XP-bar faster from purple (50% acquired experience) to blue (150%).

Make "BIG" Money Tip. On your Barrens trials, you are able to farm Bouncing Hatchling pet. Take a look at my art image and then try to discover that place (it is among my little secret )). And then sell that pet at AH for 140-199 gold! You'll be able to farm that pet 3 or4 occasions during leveling. Another tip would be to farm Savory Deviate Recipe all Barrens NPC. When you get one of these, then you're "gold":) - marketing that recipe on AH for 1500-1999 gold quick enough.

Important. During quest line activity to begin with complete short quests (they need you to collect something, to kill numerous NPC, to create a bundle, to research or uncover something), avoid hard quests (mix zones involving, to kill a top-notch NPC inside a cave, dungeon quests) rather than try any raid quests or êhi-finish zone quests (they're very difficult to complete even @lvl80 and many of them are bugged).

Stonetalon Mountaintops/Ashenvale(alliance). Leveling from 19 to 25. Those are the first Contested zones, where PVP is active mostly. For horde Stonetalon is preferred.

Hillsbrad Foothills (both). Leveling from 25 to 30. This really is the superb zone with no matter that PVP activity is high.You are able to farm every skill and profession here well. Alliance players really adore this zone, because listed here are a lawn, flowers, lanterns, trees, tracks, flowerbeds e.t.c.). Capital Undercity and then zones are near! To get ready for Arathi Highlands that you can do a couple of quests in Thousands Pointless (nice views) to achieve level 28 or 29.

Arathi Highlands (both). Leveling from 29 to 40. This zone is nice since you can farm your professions here also. This is just one zone where Iron deposit veins have been in huge quantity, which lets you ready your skills for Mithril veins.

Hinterlands (horde)/ Tanaris(alliance). Leveling from forty to fifty. The Hinterlands is the great zone for horde faction to leveling. Visit Revantusk Village and you'll get lots of nice quests and products. Alliance faction includes a couple of quests here only, so alliance activity here's low. This zone is way better than Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows or Tanaris.

Searing Gorge (both). Leveling from 45 to 50. This zone is nice simply to uncover flight pathways to Blackrock Mountain mostly

Blasted Lands (both). Leveling from 45 to 55. You can go to this zone instantly, only use portals to Dark Portal in almost any capital (near mage trainers). Most quests listed here are easy to accomplish and provide lots of XP. A good option to farm Mithril veins and a great place to enhance other skills. Just forget to enhance your fishing skills here. Exactly the same level zones are Felwood zone and United nations Goro Crater. Felwood is very boring zone. Quests there manage you to definitely jump from northern to southern sides permanently.

Winterspring (both). Leveling from 55 to 60. The very best zone to obtain your level 60 and make preparations your talent for Outland areas. Excellent views, soundtracks, farming sources, quests. A lot of Thorium veins deposits. If you feel different, go to Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Burning Steppes or Silithus. There you'll find a morose area with many different raids or dungeon quests and occasional volume of farming sources.

Hellfire Peninsula (both). Leveling from 58 to 63. To begin your trials there simply take a portal from the capital to Dark Portal, have a quest from nearby NPC, and type in. At sleep issues of Dark Portal have a flight road to Thrallmar. This is the time to apply your Dungeon Finder frequently to Hellfire Citadel along with other instances. Attempt to acquire some flying mounts there!. The Thrallmar is an extremely annoying ganking place, remember it. Here you will find a nab, taking a lure role, for many hidden and fully buffed PVP dudes (like rogues, mages, clergymen, DK mostly).

Zangarmarsh (both). Leveling from 61 to 64. The very strange zone where one can enhance your fishing skills yet others, after Azeroth. You'll complete all quests here extremely fast. From here you can check out Shattrath City (the Sanctuary PVP isn't permitted) and uncover lots of something totally new in WoW.

Nagrand (both). Leveling from 64 to 67. This is actually the best zone after Hinterlands, for horde faction especially. You'll find all you need there and furthermore the only pleasure designed focus Outland. Here you are able to enhance your fishing skills to lvl 390 and skinning skills also, before Northrend areas. Hunters should prefer this. Just get Nesingwary safari quests. You are able to farm lots of elemental's motes (fire, earth, wind, water) around, needed to build up most of your professional skills to level 385.

Blade's Edge Mountaintops (both). Leveling from 67 to 68. This can be used zone to achieve level 69 before walking into Northrend, by finishing a couple of quests.

Borean Tundra/Howling Fjord (both). Leveling from 69 to 71. You can begin Borean line from Orgrimmar air-port (better) or Fjord from Undercity air-port. In Warsong Hold you'll find a quest giver NPC, who will help you arrive at the Dalaran by teleporting yourself (the only approach to take to Dalaran on your own). Complete portal trainer quests in Dalaran to obtain access to the town from Crystalsong Forest. This is the time to enhance your status using the Kirin Tor faction by putting on their tabard (doing Northrend dungeons provides you with status using the faction which tabard you putting on). At Revered status using the Kirin Tor you can purchase the very best ele shaman PVE enchant Arcanum of Burning Mysteries for mind slot item. Every Northrend faction includes a quartermaster vendor that provides some epic products and legendary enchants. The Fjord is much more interesting for leveling, for me.

Dragonblight (both). Leveling from 71 to 74. Nothing different.

Grizzly Hillsides (both). Leveling from 73 to 76. Quite interesting zone. Is small, but filled with quests and occasions. Some PVP activity ganking is near Conquest Hold just hunters wanna search uncommon animal Arcturis there. You need to visit Venture Bay and Blue Sky Logging Camp there also :).

Storm Peaks (both). Leveling from 77 to 80. This is the time to understand Cold Temperature Flying (requires level 68 and 225 skill in Riding plus 1000 gold) from Hira Snowdawn at Krasus Landing in Dalaran. For those who have money, then have it as faster as you possibly can. Without flying mount Storm Peaks and Icecrown could be nightmare zones. I suggest you to begin all questlines at K3.  

Icecrown. Leveling from 79 to 80. The Ultimate Goal. To begin with getting all quests from Dalaran, simply because they will begin a number of other quests in Icecrown. Start your trial to Icecrown in the Argent Vanguard base. Also, fly to Argent Tournament (far at north) and obtain lots of daily quests there. This should help you to level faster and also to improve gear products.

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